Friday, July 20, 2012

Just Making Candles

I was getting dangerously low on my pink sugar candles so I decided I had to make more!

I wanted to make a full size of straight pink sugar first, so that my house will forever be scented in pink sugar. :-) I had made two smaller containers of pink sugar a while ago but they are nearly burned out. I have also been burning the original pink sugar candle that my good friend Kyme sent to me and it is also nearly gone. We can't be in a pink sugar shortage!

While I was at it, I wanted to try out some blends. I mixed pink sugar/peppermint, pink sugar/black raspberry vanilla, and pink sugar/cinnamon in small jelly jars. The last candle I made was actually not pink sugar at all (what?!?!) but a mix of coffee and cinnamon roll. I've been so curious what that might smell like.

There's no rhyme nor reason to the order in the picture...from left to right we have the coffee/cinnamon roll candle (isn't that little espresso cup darling?!?!), the pink sugar/brv combo, the pink sugar/peppermint combo, straight pink sugar, and pink sugar/cinnamon combo.

I did a video of the making while I was at it, just a fun hang-out-with-me type video. Since I did this yesterday, today I'll go trim the wicks and see how they look and will be sure to video that as well.


Amy@10th Ave. said...

I went through a pink sugar addiction (in soap) a few years ago. You may beat it, but it will take awhile. :) The blend of coffee and cinnamon bun sounds like a perfect morning!

Holly said...

Ha! But do I want to beat the addiction? :-)