Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Candles

The finished candles are in my most favorite of colors. :-) I took these pictures on Friday and I burned Pink Sugar and Pink Sugared Berries on Saturday. They both burned very well and had great scent throw. I noticed that the Pink Sugar/Black Raspberry Vanilla combo candle (Pink Sugared Berries) smelled exactly like another candle I made a few weeks ago only it used two entirely different fragrances. How funny!

I'm thinking about using the extra wax I had and starting a leftover candle. Basically, a leftover candle is just a wicked jar that I keep around that I continue to fill with the extra wax.

Hubby woke up sick with a head cold yesterday so we spent the day lazing about but today I must create so I imagine another candle is in my future for the day...what to do...what to do... :-)

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