Monday, July 30, 2012

Cute New Jars

Hi everyone!

I'm so excited about my cute new jars. I have been using the regular 16 oz Ball/Mason jars but finally broke down and ordered some of these super duper cute 8 oz squared Mason jars.

I'm a big fan of the lid I chose too. It's the 'rustic' lid but I consider it just more bronze or copper.

The first candle I poured in these snazzy new jars was Blue Sugar. I am undecided on this fragrance. One minute I don't care for it and the next minute it has potential. I haven't burned it yet so there is still time to finalize that decision. ;-) Hubby wasn't overly responsive when I asked him what he thought. He didn't want to hurt my feelings obviously so when I said I wasn't sure, he was more comfortable saying the same. We'll see. Once again, nice to use the small jar in case we don't like it.

I was REALLY excited to pour this candle with a wooden wick. I don't really want to just call them w*od wicks, though they are that, but I believe there is a trademark behind it similar to the 'tooth s*ap' fiasco. Oh dear.

Silliness aside, there is just something about how cool a wooden wick looks. I can't wait to give it a test burn. Wooden wicks are supposed to crackle and pop and the intensity of it is often related to the amount of fragrance and color. Since I didn't color this one, it will be interesting to see what level it crackles at. I will try to do a little video of it once I light it. I scented it in a lovely fir/berry/citrus holiday scent that smells oh so good. A wooden wick should have a cozy scent with it don't you think?

I also attempted to swirl another container candle. I seem to be going backwards and getting less of a swirl each time. I'm nothing if not persistent. I'll get it! But I may move on for a while and contemplate my next plan of action. ;-)


Paula said...

I enjoy watching your soap video, and same goes for
your candles. I know that Pink sugar is one of your
fav. fragrances, just wondering where you get it from.

Also, I was going to get some colorants for trying my
hand at making candles, but brambleberry does do carry a lot of dyes for candle making. Where do you get the colorants for your candles.

If you do not want to give out your secrets about your
candles, I totally understand.

Keep those soap and candle videos coming, I love them.

Holly said...

Hi Paula! I'm so happy you're enjoying my videos. I did do a video for this post and I just need to update the blog with the link.

The pink sugar I love and adore is from Rustic Escentuals. They have a few but it's the SNC version that I love.

So far, I've just used two liquid colors, one from Peak and one from Rustic Escentuals. No particular reason except my mind computes liquid as being easier to use. ;-) I'm sure BB has some great colors.