Sunday, March 28, 2010

It's Not For Me

So.....I tried making creams and scrubs didn't go well. I am downright disgusted with the whole thing. I didn't like the process and I'm not happy with the results. In addition, during the bleaching/sanitizing process, I had a severe allergic reaction on my hands. I don't know if it was from the bleaching or a little FO as one of the lids unscrewed as I was wiping it down. I might have gotten some straight FO on my hands. I had my husband help me put on gloves to finish the process appropriately. The problem is that the gloves made the allergic reaction worse. So here are the individual results:

Gabe's Cream: Hemp and tamanu oils stink! I think it was the hemp oil that turned the cream green. I whipped too much air into it and it resulted in lots of squishy foam. It's greasy. The main thing is that IT STINKS! I was going for the skin benefits of the hemp and tamanu oils but that didn't exactly work out for me.

Emulsified Scrub: This actually went together alright and feels great. I know it to be a proven and well-loved recipe. However, I must not have measured something right, as in the FO's, because I used it one time and ended up with an allergic reaction.

Facial Cleansing Cream Scrub: This is also a well-loved recipe and it came together alright and is downright pretty. It's white with light pink, green, and yellow jojoba beads. I needed more jojoba beads as it wasn't very scrubby and the tea tree oil/lavender eo combo I used....STINKS!

My conclusion: I'm perfectly happy paying for quality items from my cream and scrub making friends!


Topcat said...

Awwww Holly, I am so sorry you had all those challenges.....

If you ever decide to try again, may I suggest doing only one thing at a time? Sometimes working on so many different types of new product can add extra stress and you just don't need that! Maybe try the emulsified scrub only and add the fo by smell according to your taste rather than a specific measurement. Worth a try :)

Holly said...

Thank you Tanya. Yes, I'm thinking I overdid it for my first try. I sure didn't make three batches of soap my first time out. I had to do so much to prep that it was a bit overwhelming.

Amy W said...

Don't give up so easily! I'm really not sure how many batches of lotion I made before I got to the formula I currently use. It's been tweaked A LOT. Surely you agree that the first time you see an emulsion form is pretty cool.

Artisan Soaps said...

Aww Holly, like I say try the spray bottle trick to reduce chances of it getting on your hands, or maybe a different sanitiser, Alcohol or even Sodium Metabisulphate perhaps? (you'll find that wherever they sell brewing supplies)..

For the scrubs you don't (imho) need to be quite so careful as you're not adding water to the mix .. Oh and Yep, Hemp with give you a green colour and a potent stench, but it's sooo good for the skin!

madpiano said...

I am sorry to hear that you had so many problems with your lotion/emulsion making. You might want to test some EOs to see which ones you are allergic to and leave those for customers only ? You don't want to become sensitized to a whole range of them, that would be dreadful in our business.
Don't give up though. You will get there in the end. It certainly isn't as easy as making soap, but fun nevertheless.

Milla said...

Oh, Holly! Don't give up! I've thrown away lotions and hair conditioners that haven't worked out. Sometimes it's a bad recipe too! :) Hang in there!

yummy suds said...

Agreed with the peeps above. Alcohol spritz works wonders and trust us.....many failed batches before you get one you like.
Hemp will make most things with a tinge of green, but it's a great oil. Goes rancid quickly, so store in your fridge.

Don't give up. I see whipped, luscious creams in your future! XOXO