Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spoonfudge and more!

My package from Spoonfudge arrived yesterday and I must say I'm very impressed! The main attraction was two jars of Spoonfudge itself. I ordered Chocolate Caramellow and Razzle Dazzle. They couldn't be packaged any cuter. I haven't had any yet as I'm waiting until I can share with my guy. I know it's going to be good. How can it not?

The little goodie bag of samples was the cherry on top. How fun!

Fluffy Stuff Foaming Sugar Scrub in Strawberry Anarchy by Grumpy Girl

White Tea and Ginger soap made by Indigo Bee

She's My Cherry Pie Single Shooter by Whiff and Sniff Candles

I have already had the wonderful opportunity to use the sugar scrub. The strawberry scent is perfect! I love strawberries and I know it is difficult to find a non-medicine smelling fragrance oil.

I've also used the soap sample and I was very happy with the lather and silky feel of the soap. The scent is also very nice! I have White Tea and Ginger fragrance oil but have not soaped it yet. I do believe a batch will be coming soon in that scent!

I'll be digging out my tart burner soon as the cherry scent on the single shooter is amazing!

Now to just get to that fudge. Aren't the spoons adorable?


Topcat said...

Oh, lots of goodies! I wonder if they have Spoonfudge in Australia? Grumpy Girl's products always make me drool....I often browse her site just for fun :)

Beach Babies said...

I LOVE Grumpygirls stuff so much. How fun!!!

Artisan Soaps said...

Nice Haul! Never heard of spoon fudge - sounds YUM :)

Susannah Iredale said...

Wow this pack looks great I have never heard of spoon fudge either.

Helen said...

Hey what the heck is Spoonfudge? Going to google...lovely haul you have there Holly!