Sunday, March 21, 2010

Pushing My Luck

I got a wild hair this morning to make another batch of soap but I do believe I began to push my luck!

This my first attempt at a salt bar. The batter was at super-thick trace before I added the salt so I just squished and shook it into the molds. The coloring did not go so well again. I think I got a bad mixture as the "Lemon-Lime" coloring was brown and it wasn't even coloring the soap! I quick mixed some green apple pop mica and that made it slightly green.

Ginger Lime Coconut Salt Bars - coconut, shea, and castor oils with coconut milk

This is some leftover that shows the color better against the red.

Acai Berries & Satin just hanging out. The pink is so pretty!

Yogurt Berry Facial soap and Lemon Egg Shampoo bars:

The sugar scrubs...they were supposed to be pink!

Here are some extra pictures just for fun!

I love the colors...

My supply shelf:

My crafting zone...the soap shelf is on the wall opposite:

The sad thing is that it is time to clean up again. :( I *might* still attempt some lotion/cream this afternoon.


Artisan Soaps said...

Wow you've been busy! Everything looks amazing :)

ps: I sent you an email but not sure if the address is still current?

Holly said...

Thanks Clare! I have gotten a lot accomplished and I feel so good about it. I decided not to tackle lotion/cream today. I need to give the boys haircuts instead...all 3 of them!

Patrice-The Soap Seduction said...

You're so organized, and I'm such a slob! I need to get one of those shelves to hold all my oils and stuff...

madpiano said...

wow, I love your work room. I wish I had one, but I do most of my stuff in the dining room and it is such a hassle to have to clean it before we can have dinner.
You have been a busy bee, bet your house smells lovely !!

Marie Anne said...

You've been super busy Holly!