Monday, March 22, 2010


The big reveal!

Acai Berries & Satin: It's different than I expected. It's more layered than swirled. I really like how it turned out though!

Ginger Lime Coconut Salt Bars: I couldn't be happier with the color. They are so nice and solid!

Yogurt Berry Facial Bars:

Lemon Egg Shampoo Bars:


Artisan Soaps said...

wow wow wow - they all look spectacular!!!

You must be thrilled :D

Amy W said...

I've been waiting for these! The layered swirls are fantastic, and the lime soaps look like they should. I'll be anxious to hear how you like the yogurt and egg soaps!

Marie Anne said...

They are beautiful! They look so creamy!

Topcat said...

Woohoo!!! That Acai Berries & Satin totally matches your butterfly. They are all beautiful :)