Tuesday, March 16, 2010

So much to do, so little time.

I have so many projects swimming around in my head and just not near enough time to accomplish them. I have pages and pages of documents on my laptop detailing soap and other bath and body recipes and formulations that I have typed out and want to try.

See, here's my problem: I'm a stay-at-home mom of three young children and we have our house up for sale. I just haven't had the time and getting sick sure didn't help any. (I'm feeling much better by the way!) This past weekend we cleaned and did some serious shopping and so I'm hoping (HOPING!) that this coming weekend will be productive for me.

I picked up this little guy on our shopping excursion over the weekend. It is a battery-operated milk frother. It was recommended to me for use with making lotions and creams.

I want to make a cream using hemp oil and tamanu oil. I'm hoping it will help with my son's eczema/skin allergies. I have been given a few well-proven lotion recipes and I'm eager to try them but for my first attempt at it I want to go very simple.

I want to try this recipe first from The Sage: Tummy and Toe Jam

What kid wouldn't want to use something called Tummy and Toe Jam?!? I have more luxurious plans for lotion in the future.

This is another little contraption that I have gotten recently from Brambleberry. Interesting tidbit about me, when I get in a box, I don't tend to open it right away. Many times I open a box on a need-to-use-what-is-inside basis. So being that my latest box is still unopened, (we had a showing and just threw it in the back of the Suburban and there it has stayed...), I hope this bath bomb maker is inside that package!

We're not a bath family but more of a shower family so I'm not exactly sure what use we'll get out of a bath bomb but I want to try one anyway! :)

One of the first soap batches I need to make is a remake of the shampoo bar. It has worked wonderfully for my husband and I'm going to tweak it just a smidgen more. I want to replace one of the less significant essential oils that I used with lemon oil. I also want to add an egg yolk to the batch and see what happens. I'm dropping the parsley powder this time and want to go with more of a yellow bar.

The other soap batch that I want to make is the Sparklebrook Signature bar. I know how I'm going to color and scent it and I just can't wait to make it happen!

Lastly, I want to make some more single-use sugar scrubs.

I did not like them at first. Not at all. But once I figured out how to use them properly, we became good friends. They are such incredible moisturizers for those people who do not like to get out of the shower and slather lotion. (I would be one of those people.) I want to try using my heart ice cube trays as a mold for a few and see how that works out.

I do tweak my recipe a smidge but here is the original recipe for the sugar scrub cubes: Single-Use Sugar Scrubs

So all that being said, my lack of posting projects has nothing to do with a lack of desire and motivation to create but has everything to do with not enough time!


A Life Deliberate Soap Co. Blog said...

Love the sugar scrub cubes, Hol! Looking forward to all your new projects!

Topcat said...

I like how you have prioritised your projects Holly and if you do get time to make that bath bomb you could use it for a foot spa soak :)

Artisan Soaps said...

Good to hear you're feeling better!! And I really hope the cream helps your son's eczema - it may pay to do unscented though ;)

Your sugar scrubs look awesome! When you get set up I'll buy some off you Ok, cause I can't get MP base I'm happy using over here (read: none of the Palm is sustainably farmed).. But I'll need your tips on how to use them too :P

Holly said...

Thank you! I really do LOVE the sugar cubes!

Ooh...Tanya, I like your idea of using the bath bomb for a foot soak. Maybe I need a have a foot spa night. I need some marbles first though! :)

Forget Me Not Soap Shop said...

The sugar cubes look great Holly.