Saturday, March 20, 2010

Soap Day-YAY!

It felt so good to go down to my soaping area and get some serious soapmaking done! I love making soap and I also love marking soap ideas off my list!

This one is Acai Berries and Satin. The scent is very sweet and yummy. This was supposed to be a soap by a different name but the colors turned on me so it will remain Acai Berries and Satin. I think the violet/gray, pink, and pale green go well with the scent. Unlike my Loopy Fruit soap, the soap is swirled by the three colors only. No white/cream in this batch! I used my well-loved recipe of olive, palm, coconut, castor, and avocado. It's a great combo.

This next batch I am calling Yogurt Berry Facial soap. I followed a recipe given to me by Tanya, my good(and generous!)soaping/forum friend. It has pureed strawberries and greek yogurt. I scented the batch with fresh raspberry fragrance. This soap is made up of many luxurious oils and I'm incredibly eager to use it.

This last batch is a lemon and egg shampoo bar. I used the same recipe as my last shampoo bars except that I changed up the additives a bit. I dropped the lavender essential oil, peppermint essential oil, and parsley powder and added an egg yolk and lemon essential oil. I left the rosemary essential oil and tea tree oil in the recipe.

Here are all three batches hanging out together.

I also made some raspberry-scented sugar scrub hearts but I haven't unmolded them yet. Once I unmold them and package them up, I will add pictures of those.

Although fullfilling, soap making generates quite the mess!


Topcat said...

Lol...your mess is so tidy! ;)

Acai Berry and Satin has such lovely, soft colours and I always love your sparkles on top! The Egg and Lemon shampoo bar sounds intriguing - the proteins in egg are said to be very good for hair. Your Yoghurt Berry facial soap sounds wonderful and I am eager to see how your face likes it :)

Amy W said...

Fun soaps! Your swirls are very lovely. When are you going to start selling???

Milla said...

I'm so impressed! Everything looks so pretty! I'm intrigued by all of these! What's next??? LOL!

Holly said...

Thank you! Amy, I'd love to start selling sometime next year. I'd love to move and get this house-selling chaos behind us first. Plus, I'd prefer to have a Soap Kitchen/Lather Lab in a new house. So I'm using this time to experiment. I'm saving a bar out of each batch so see what they look/smell like in a year.